Drop Bar Wheel Alignment Adaptor for Two-Post Lifts

From £495 + VAT

Absolute Alignment is pleased to present our latest accessory to turn your workshop into a wheel alignment bay – the Drop Bar Wheel Alignment Adaptor for Two-Post Lifts.

Our popular wheel alignment stands have led the way in helping workshops with two-post or chassis lifts earn money from wheel alignment, and now we present the next generation. The Drop Bar Adaptor allows wheel alignment heads to be suspended from the wheels so the target car does not need to be stood on a solid surface like a ramp. Compatible with the Bluetooth Lite and Bluetooth Pro wheel alignment equipment, the Drop Bar Adaptor opens up a whole new market to workshops with limited space or not wanting to upgrade their lifts just yet.

The Drop Bar is a perfect upgrade to the exisitng wheel alignment stands and offers increased productivity and operational savings. Thanks to clever technology in the Bluetooth range of wheel aligners, there is no need for run out compensation to be carried out meaning a quicker turnaround and less room required. Whether this is your first foray into wheel alignment equipment or you are already benefitting from this profitable work, the Drop Bar Wheel Alignment Adaptor teamed with Bluetooth Lite or Bluetooth Pro is the perfect combination for the workshop where space is limited. Turn your two-post or chassis lift into a temporary wheel alignment bay in the minimum amount of time, and pack away again afterwards to give your workshop maximum flexibility. The power of Bluetooth means no trailing wires for added workshop safety.

Whel aligbnment stands turn your 2-post or chassis lift into a wheel alignment bay

Traditional wheel alignment stands in use

Wheel alignment drop bar transforms your workshop into a wheel alignment bay

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