Why you can’t afford to ignore ADAS

Many workshops think it won’t affect them – but here’s why you can’t afford to ignore ADAS.

Currently, 10% of cars on the road have basic Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. They have on average two systems and by 2021/22 this will be TEN systems per car according to industry predictions. Already the Citroen DS has 12 ADAS systems. Professional Motor Mechanic publishes some impressive stats about ADAS and road safety here.

Small jobs such as dropping the subframe or even changing the windscreen can affect the calibration of sensors and the vehicle will require a four wheel alignment afterwards. This is a big business opportunity.  Absolute Alignment has a range of wheel aligners with an ADAS sensor extension pack so everything can stay in-house.

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So why can’t you afford to ignore ADAS? Because it is a growing, profitable market that you can make money from TODAY.

We have ADAS calibration systems for a wide range of vehicles