Absolute Alignment supplies workshops of all sizes across the country with the best in wheel alignment equipment, alignment lifts, alignment ramps and workshop equipment. Here are some of our satisfied customers:

HiQ Maidstone

Bluetooth Pro wheel alignment equipment from Absolute Alignment

After a week’s trial (and an extra £1600 in wheel alignment income) HiQ Maidstone replaced their unreliable “laser” wheel alignment equipment with a state-of-the-art Bluetooth Pro from Absolute Alignment. National Franchise Manager for Goodyear Dunlop Mark Widdows said:

“Thanks Chris for this, the lads in Maidstone begged me to sort them an upgrade after the recent trial on this machine, onwards and upwards”


Techno 7 wheel alignment equipment from Absolute Alignment

Tuned is a major new company which recognises the importance of future-proofing its business. It has invested in the latest 3D wheel alignment and ADAS calibration equipment in recognition of the way car design is moving. They understand the potential of this huge new market – working not just with their own customer cars but also local bodyshops and windscreen centres to provide a comprehensive and profitable service ADAS calibration equipment from Absolute Alignment

Southbury Tyres, Enfield

Bluetooth Pro wheel alignment equipment from Absolute Alignment

Southbury upgraded from laser tracking to a Bluetooth Pro and customer satisfaction is high. Local Black Cab drivers are a good source of repeat business because they appreciate the positive effect of accurate alignment on tyre wear and fuel economy. They are re-assured by Southbury’s commitment to regular equipment calibration and staff refresher training carried out by Absolute Alignment.

Tipton Auto Centre

Techno 6 wheel alignment equipment from Absolute Alignment

Tipton Auto Centre had just a few words about their new 3D wheel aligner – “Loving my new set up.” We can’t say fairer than that!

Absolute Alignment is rolling out new wheel alignment equipment to meet new markets. If you want to be in the forefront of emerging technology then call us and discuss your options with our technical team on 01252 549340 or tell us what you want, click Continue and book a demo >