Wheel alignment head clamps

From £250 + VAT Your brilliant new Absolute Alignment Bluetooth 4-wheel aligner is useless without the Wheel alignment head clamps to fix the monitors to the wheels.

All wheel alignment equipment is supplied as standard with the Standard 24″ wheel alignment head clamps and here we list some useful upgrades. Contact Absolute Alignment on 01252 758413 for a quote for supply with your new wheel aligner or for use with your existing equipment. All clamps remove the need for run-out operations to be performed. Standard or Pro clamp 12″-24″, can be extended to 28″.

Absolute Alignment wheel clamp standard

24″ Standard Clamp £1050 + VAT

This clamp is supplied with all Rav wheel alignment equipment as standard. Four “feet” anchor the clamp against the wheel.


24″ Pro Clamp £1690 + VAT

If you’re aligning cars with expensive wheels, a perfect upgrade is the Absolute Alignment Pro-Clamp. No metal-to-wheel contact reduces the chances of wheel damage. Fits 12-24″ wheels, expandable to 28″.

Absolute Alignment wheel clamp extension arms for 4x4 vehicles

4 x 4  expansion arms £250 + VAT

4×4 and cars with large wheels need a bigger clamp. These extension arms take the reach up to 28″, more than adequate for the regular SUV.


Wheel alignment is a growing market. To learn about how important wheel alignment can be check out our consumer site www.absolutewheelalignment.co.uk