Why Bluetooth wheel alignment equipment?

We are often asked to explain “Why Bluetooth wheel alignment equipment?” So we answer your question by showing you:

What’s so special….

….About Bluetooth?

Bluetooth wheel aligners keep even the most cramped workshop safe

  • There are no trailing wires from the alignment heads to the computer
  • The printer, keyboard, screen and computer are housed in one compact unit
  • Full remote control and industrial-standard 100 metre Bluetooth connection means the car and the computer can be in safe locations

Bluetooth wheel aligners are efficient for everyone

  • Equally at home on 2- and 4-post lifts
  • Portable for easy changing to different ramps in the workshop
  • Quick run-out checks
  • Simple on-screen adjustment guides
  • Just two minutes to extra profits!
  • Check out the Bluetooth Pro here

…About 3D Wheel Aligners?

3D wheel aligners are the ultimate in wheel alignment equipment for the busy workshop

  • Cameras positioned for off the car for ease of use
  • 3D wheel aligners speed up throughput in a busy workshop
  • Latest camera technology eliminates run-out checks
  • Just 90 seconds to extra profits!
  • Have a look at the Bluetooth 3D here

…About Absolute Alignment wheel alignment equipment?

  • We are The Experts – we only sell wheel alignment equipment
  • Reasonably priced equipment to do a professional job
  • Robust and sealed solid-state transistors mean years of trouble-free usage in even the dustiest body shop
  • 12-month warranty
  • Before and after print outs and on-screen adjustment guides
  • On-line update of vehicle database
  • OEM-approved accuracy

We hope that clears things up!

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