We Know Wheel Aligners!

Here at Absolute Alignment we don’t just sell wheel aligners, we really know about them. Technical Director Chris Dear has been working in the industry most of his life and can offer great advice when you’re looking to buy or upgrade your equipment.

Chris is a factory-trained Ravaglioli expert, so when Wheelcare in Ireland needed to get their sales and service team up to speed on the latest Rav developments he was their first choice. Chris flew to Dublin to deliver training on behalf of the factory.

It’s important that both your wheel alignment and technicians are regularly “re-calibrated” to make sure they are aware of industry best practice and are working accurately and efficiently. Absolute Alignment has a programme of training courses for new and experienced technicians, and a regular service schedule for the machinery. Rav is the finest wheel alignment equipment, don’t let it down with poor maintenance.

For details of our service packages contact Chris on 01252 758413.