Upgrade solves reliability & throughput problems

SMC Ford in Sittingbourne were suffering from excessive repair bills from their 4-wheel alignment equipment, and turned to Absolute Alignment to provide them with a more reliable system than their existing brand.

The latest Rav TD1760WS fitted the bill perfectly, and Absolute Alignment upgraded SMC’s 4-post lift with a set of turnplates and lightweight run-up ramps which contributed to halving the turnaround time on their wheel alignment jobs.

The workshop technicians were delighted with the ease-of-use of the Rav system, and the accountants were pleasantly surprised at the final bill and the improved productivity of the workshop. SMC are a Ford approved service centre and are now able to offer Sittingbourne’s motorsits a low-cost, efficient 4-wheel alignment service that is both fast and accurate.

How can a Rav upgrade help your workshop? Chat to our Technical Sales Director Chris Dear on 07764 939313 to find out or use our contact form to book a free demonstration at your premises.