October is Tyre Safety Month, and at Absolute Alignment we want to highlight the contribution proper four wheel alignment makes to road safety.

Make this October the month you get your vehicle checked – Stay Safe, Stay Legal and Save Money! A 4-wheel alignment inspection is a health check for your car’s tyres and suspension, and with 40% of cars on the road having some kind of suspension problem the likelihood is that you are running the risk of tyre damage or worse.

With the onset of winter and wet or icy roads it’s vital that you have the correct contact patch on the tarmac – look at this picture, the tyre looks perfect on the outside edge but the inside has been doing too much work and has worn away. This will not grip properly on a slippery surface which could cause an accident.

Badly worn tyre indicates suspension damage

Remember this all year round, not just in Tyre Safety Month – get your 4-wheel alignment checked regularly and Stay Safe, Stay Legal, Save Money!