Tyre Condition Profiler

From £9995 + VAT
Just £51.25 + VAT per week

The Absolute Alignment Tyre Condition Profiler is a pro-active way of increasing your profits. Customers trust technology, and a professional print out will persuade them to change worn out rubber or have work done on their vehicle.

The drive-over Tyre Condition Profiler can be floor mounted in the entrance to your workshop, and by the time the car is on the ramp the computer will have assessed the state of its tyres!

Measurements are taken with stereo cameras plus a laser blade. The professional print out indicates if new tyres and/or full wheel alignment check and rectification are needed, further increasing profits.

Suitable for large or small workshops – floor or in-ground mount available to suit your circumstances. No moving parts mean your working environment stays safe.

The Tyre Profiler is part of the Quick Check system. Increase your profits by giving your customers the facts about their cars.

Download the brochure here.

Picture shows the Quick Check alignment system in operation – combine it with your Tyre Profiler to fully automate your customer acquisition process. Fully integrated with your Bluetooth 3D aligner, the system will increase your wheel alignment business.

Wheel alignment is a growing market. To learn about how important wheel alignment can be check out our consumer site www.absolutewheelalignment.co.uk