Tyre Boutiques?

It’s often said that the best prices are on the internet, and small tyre dealers are not alone in feeling the pinch from enhanced competition, it’s been happening for some time in the cycle retail trade. So what can we learn from their experiences?

Well, independent cycle shops have learned to embrace the on-line competition by complementing it. They can’t offer the cheap prices on cycles, but in response to the delivery of bikes in a “flat pack” they have develped a bike build & safety check service. This keeps their workshop busy and margins are higher on serevicing than sales! By highlighting the safety aspect and the skills of their qualified mechanics they also build repeat custom for profitable parts and accessories.

Drawing on the cycle industry model, tyre dealers could position themselves less as “tyre warehouses” and more as “tyre boutiques”! Free safety and alignment checks, paid-for tyre fiitting service, there’s so much more to be gained from working WITH the internet instead of AGAINST it. Customers can’t align a car via broadband, so now is the time to invest in top quality equipment to find, service and retain your new-style customers!

Food for thought?