Too expensive?

We’ve heard it before – “your wheel alignment equipment is just too expensive for our little garage!”

Well, it’s not just the big chains that can profit from Rav wheel aligners, so many small garages and tyre dealers are making big money from the minimum investment combining it with their existing workshop equipment. Take a look at some case studies and see how these go-ahead garages are taking YOUR customers away from you!

Just take a look at some solutions we’ve come up with at small garages:

“I’ve only got a 2-post lift” – wheel alignment stands support the car for the alignment check/adjustment to take place

“I haven’t got any room around my ramp for more equipment” – the PC unit is Bluetooth operated and can be remote from the car being checked

“It’s too much money!” – 4 wheel alignment is a profit centre, very soon you will be taking work from other workshops and tyre centres with a knock-on effect on your bottom line

There’s no excuse not to invest in your future and profit from the growing problems caused by the dreadful state of your local roads.