Thornley Kelham

An Absolute Alignment White Paper


So said Robert Clarke the service manager at Thornley Kelham, specialists in the restoration and racing of top-end classic cars. “Its really clever and they seem to have thought of everything!” he continued.

Robert was on hand when Absolute Alignment installed the latest Bluetooth Pro wheel alignment equipment at Thornley Kelham’s premises near Cirencester in Gloucestershire. The Bluetooth Pro has been especially integrated with an Intercomp corner weight system so that they can offer a complete service to their racing customers. The lightweight and portable unit was particularly attractive as it can easily be taken with the race team to tracks around Europe as well as giving sterling service in the workshop.

Simplicity and time saving are the watchwords of the Absolute Alignment/Intercomp system. “To switch between alignment and corner weights you just press ‘CTRL-W’ on the keyboard,” explained Chris Dear, Absolute Alignment’s Technical Sales Manager, during the comprehensive training session for Thornley Kelham’s technicians. “The beauty of the integrated system is you have all your race set-up information in one place for a rapid turnaround in the paddock.”

Of special importance to the technicians was the ability of the Rav system to operate “outside the box”. Despite a huge database of set up information for most popular cars through the last few decades, many of Thornley Kelham’s charges are so exclusive they don’t feature in the normal vehicle lists.

“It’s no problem,” explained Chris, “you simply input the data into the computer yourself and it is automatically stored for future use as well.”

This facility is important when working with rare Bentleys (above), Bugattis and the like and absolutely invaluable when making adjustments to racing cars where geometry has to be optimised for performance and maybe even altered for changing conditions.

From attaching the measuring equipment to checking the alignment takes a matter of minutes and every step of the way is guided by Rav’s on-screen graphics. The Bluetooth Pro processing unit can be positioned anywhere around the car being worked on for maximum efficiency and even has remote repeaters on the alignment heads for when the technician is working in one of those hard-to-see positions – or an optional smart phone app. Changes can be made accurately and quickly, making good use of the technician’s time in the workshop or ensuring speedy adjustment at the race track.

Absolute Alignment is making life easier for the skilled technicians at Thornley Kelham, if you would like the same for your workshop contact Absolute Alignment.

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