The Good Old Days?

Do you remember the Good old Days? When 4-wheel alignment on your race or road car was more of an art than a science? Draw marks on the workshop floor, hang poles across the car, use a spirit level to ensure everything is perfectly flat. Chock the wheel up here, roll it backwards and forwards there. And then get the string out. Where’s the tape measure? Hunting high and low for the spec sheets………….jack the car up, make the adjustments, go through the roll out procedure all over again.

What a huge job, so dependent on operator skill and accuray of the data.

These days thanks to the Absolute Alignment Motoraport Package it’s so much more simple and much quicker. Clamp the Rav TD1760 measuring heads to the wheels and the Bluetooth system seamlessly links to your laptop or bespoke computer and you have your set-up readings in no time at all. With the facility to store over 20,000 set-ups in the system’s memory, there’s no need to be thumbing through card index systems or binders full of paper just to find the right car or weather conditions – it’s all at your fingertips in seconds!

Even the most amateur race driver needs their car set up correctly, and now your skills can be as good as professional engineers. The Rav TD1760 has an easy-to-use walk through system allowing you to make minor adjustments quickly and accurately time after time. Repeatable, accurate readings will allow you to test numerous set-ups quickly to get the very best from you and your car.

Remember the Good Old Days? Yes we do, but we’d rather they stayed in our memory than having to do it all over again! The Absolute Alignment Motorsport Package keeps them there.

For more detailks contact Technical Director Chris Dear on 07764 939313.