Techno 7 3D Truck Aligner

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Absolute Alignment is the exclusive UK supplier of the Techno 7 Truck 3D wheel alignment equipment, the only 3D system in the world designed for use with trucks that can also be used for cars without adaptation. It can cater for vehicles with a wheelbase of up to 16 metres.

Special vertical pillars house the cameras and form the core of the Machine Vision System. The pillars can be placed around the demands of your own workshop, and the automatic target-recognition system gives highly accurate readings using tested 3D technology. A simple Microsoft Windows interface makes diagnosis easy!

Using the built-in stats function, workshops can monitor the use and profitability of their wheel alignment equipment.

The Techno 7 Truck wheel aligner also checks the chassis and axles for alignment, making it a truly versatile piece of equipment. And when you’ve finished all the commercial vehicles, it can be used for the van and company car fleet, too!

Telephone the technical team on 01252 758413 Great deals available

Each aligner supplied with:

• Front turn plates
• Tyre mount clamps – fit up to 24″ rims
• Steering wheel clamp
• Brake pedal clamp
• PC, 19.5″ TFT monitor & colour printer
• Latest database
• 12 month warranty & full on-site training