State of UK roads could cost lives

ADAS sensor technology is out there preventing accidents – but it relies on perfect wheel alignment. The state of the UK roads could cost lives, thanks to the damage wrought on vehicle suspension by potholes.

Official estimates are that ADAS technology will save 2500 lives between 2014 and 2030. ADAS relies on the rear thrust angle and wear or damage can cause a dangerous sensor miscalibration. Best practice ADAS sensor replacement should always include four wheel alignment and setting the correct tyre pressures.

This doesn’t just apply to major jobs. Many vehicles have ADAS sensors in the windscreen, so need full wheel alignment and sensor calibration when it is replaced.

VW leads the way and insists that workshops carry out four wheel alignment before sensor re-calibration. Unfortunately many other companies don’t see the importance of integrating the two systems. A millimetric thrust angle error on the car can mean several metres at maximum range. It is vital that workshops use “computerised” four wheel alignment equipment, not just the traditional “tracking gauge”.

The time has come for bodyshops, windscreen companies and wheel alignment specialists to work together to keep the latest equipment working properly. There is a huge new business opportunity opening up. Currently approximately 10% of vehicles on UK roads use ADAS technology in one form or another. This is set to rise to 40% by 2020. Do not let the poor state of UK lives cost any more lives.

How we can help you

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