Single Seater or Saloon Car, We Keep Them on the Straight and Narrow

When it comes to motor sport alignment, it’s clear why race teams trust Absolute Alignment with their set up needs.

By cleverly mating the popular Bluetooth Pro wheel aligner with a set of Intercomp corner weight scale, the motor sport package allows race teams to develop their own suspension set ups outside the “normal” specifications. With the facility to store over 20,000 different set ups, even the largest teams will be able to keep bespoke information on all their cars.

Revently we had the chance to demonstrate the equipment to a demanding Classic race audience at Goodwood, developing a comeptitive state of suspension tune for this pretty Tecno F3 car dating back to 1968. Definitly NOT on the standard-issue database, the owner appreciated being able to make small adjustments and record the results for each one. Quicker and more accurate than the old “string” method, the motor sport package proves how modern technology can help even historic motorsport.

And what’s the biggest difference between woring on a racing car and a road car? According to Technical Director Chris Dear: “Race cars are easier to work on!”