Service Beyond the Sale

Absolute Alignment and Rav have close links that mean they can go the extra mile to help your business make money from wheel alignment.

Rav is one of the most progressive workshop equipment manufacturers in the world, having been in business for over 50 years and operating in 110 countries. Constantly pushing technology, Rav have a range of wheel aligners for large and small workshops to balance investment with throughput and productivity. Small workshops will appreciate the cost-effective TD1760, larger tyre depots will be looking for the speed and efficiency offered by the TD3000 3D wheel aligner.

Absolute Alignment is more than just a sales operation, it’s your service partner too! Next day delivery of popular aligners mean you are up-and-running quickly and factory-trained installation specialists are on hand to equip your staff FREE OF CHARGE with the skills they need to profit from your investment. A PAS125 service package ensures regular and accurate calibration.

Absolute Alignment and Rav are the power behind your alignment profits!