Potholes Spell Disaster for Drivers and Councils Alike

According to a report published by the Asphalt Industry Alliance:

“The number of compensation claims for personal injury or damage to vehicles has increased by 20 per cent over the last year to an average of 540 for each local authority in England (excluding London where the figures remain the same as the previous year) and 141 for councils in Wales.”

Source: //www.asphaltindustryalliance.com/news-press.asp?info=ALARM+2014&start=0

With in excess of TWO MILLION potholes filled per year, and many more unfilled, this is clearly a disaster for drivers and councils – but a chance for big profits for workshops of all sizes! Whether using the latest Rav technology for speculative alignment or as part of a scheduled programme of checks, at Absolute Alignment we have the equipment to help you profit from the poor state of the nation’s roads.

Both contributing to road safety and also saving the driver money, correct wheel alignment is a fast way to extra profits. Speak to our Technical Sales Manager Chris Dear on 07764 939313 for more details and to book a free demonstration.