Out with the old…

…in with the new

As we approach the turn of the year, one of our customers is having its own Happy New Year.

Guava Land Rover and Jaguar in Guildford have traded their ageing cabled wheel aligner for the very latest Rav TD 1760 Bluetooth system through Farnborough-based Absolute Alignment.

Technical Sales Director of Absolute Alignment, Chris Dear, says:

“The old cabled system has lasted incredibly well. It is 11 years old and functioning well, but the latest Bluetooth wheel alignment equipment moves the company forwards greatly.”

The cable-free Bluetooth operation of the Rav TD1760 is particularly suitable to the demands on modern workshop. No trailing wires, totally portable and incredibly robust, the TD1760 is quick and efficient to use.

More information on the TD 1760 here.

Information on the cost-effective Absolute Alignment lease plan here.

To book a FREE demonstration at your own premises, simply telephone 01252 758413 and we will be delighted to show you the very latest in wheel alignment technology.