Motorsport Set Up Equipment

Absolute Alignment is a technical partner of Power Maxed Racing, who run the works Vauxhall Astras in the 2019 BTCC using our motorsport alignment equipment. See the cars in action at a track near you, and check out our trackside set up equipment in the pits. Motorsport alignment in action

Absolute Alignment has developed a pro-race wheel alignment system. We have taken our top-selling Bluetooth Pro Wheel Aligner and combined it with Intercomp’s excellent RF corner weight equipment allowing for a one-stop chassis set up tool for the race team or track day market.

The measuring heads are run from your own laptop and allow you to develop your own setup data bank. We will supply the best wheel clamps for your applications.

The system can be used in the workshop or in the pits as an essential part of your set-up equipment. Using your own laptop computer, instant decisions can be taken and accurate adjustments made to find the very best set-up on your competition car. Using an average pit floor, the wheel plates are quickly adjustable to compensate for minor surface imperfections. The effect on corner weights and alignment of various set up changes can quickly be seen and adjusted to give optimum lap time.

Check out the video at the right for the full story.

If you are a race team offering set up facilities using our motorsport equipment we can add you to our list of specialists here.

Contact us for full spec, price depends on final requirements. All equipment in stock for immediate demonstration. Ring the Technical Team on 01252 758413 to arrange our visit or book a demo online using the form to the right.