Modified car? Check your alignment!

Absolute Alignment has been involved in 4 wheel alignment of modified and racing cars for many years, in fact Chris Dear is an ex-Lotus Cup team engineer and has developed a record-breaking set up for the Elise!

If you have customers with modified, lowered or otherwise altered cars they WILL need re-alignment before use. This will improve performance, decrease tyre wear and make for a better handling car – simply changing parts could result in a lethal combination that will make the car slower. It even works on Historic cars with very little adjustment available: one MG Midget went one and a half seconds faster round Zandvoort after we’d set the suspension up – how much would you pay for an engine to go that quickly?

Chris can now spill the beans on the secret set up to make YOUR Lotus Elise handle well:

Front camber -2 deg
Toe-in 10mins
Caster 6 deg
Rear Camber -1.5 deg

And that SECRET “Absolute Alignment” ingredient that saw one of Chris’s cars breaking the lap record at Spa?
Rear-toe 0 deg

Most people run 20′ toe-in on the rear of their race cars, this tiny twist made the car sharper around Spa’s classic curves.

Our Rav wheel aligners can be programmed for any eventuality, you are not restricted to “factory” settings. If you are interested in mobile aligners and corner weight gauges to keep your race team in tip top condition contact Chris Dear via this web site or telephone 07764 939313.