Mobile Wheel Alignment

Mobile wheel alignment is a niche market with growing potential.

Absolute Alignment has a special business opportunity in 4-wheel alignment for technicians with limited workshop space.

Absolute Alignment supplies a Bluetooth Pro wheel aligner, clamps, stands and four turnplates. All you supply are your tools, power and a van to carry them.

Many workshops do not have their own wheel alignment equipment. This creates an opportunity to team up with businesses in your local area. Wheel alignment grows more important every day, and you can profit from helping your industry colleagues.

• Intelligent design means no need for run out before and after adjustment
• Use adjustable wheel stands on a wide variety of flat surfaces
• 4 turnplates for fast 4-wheel adjustment
• Either domestic mains or 240v generator can be used

mobile alignment 04

Correct wheel alignment is a proven way to increase MPG, decrease tyre wear and is a contribution to road safety. The opportunities are huge! The poor state of the nation’s roads mean the suspension repair business is booming. You can profit by providing the re-alignment needed to restore the vehicle to roadworthy condition. If you offer mobile services to workshops who do not want to invest in their own equipment it’s win/win….

Absolute Alignment regularly raises awareness of wheel alignment in the mainstream press. You have the chance to draw on our efforts and offer 4-wheel alignment at home or at work. What could be more convenient for the conscientious driver? Mobile wheel alignment is an exciting stand-alone business or an addition to your workshop services.#

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