Mobile Alignment

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Absolute Alignment has a special business opportunity in 4-wheel alignment for technicians with limited workshop space.

Absolute Alignment supplies a Bluetooth Pro wheel aligner, clamps, stands and four turnplates so you can provide alignment services at your customers’ premises – at home, at work, on the race track. Wherever cars need aligning we can help you get there! All you supply are your tools and a van to carry them.

• Intelligent design eliminates need for run out before and after adjustment
• Adjustable wheel stands can be used on most reasonably flat surfaces
• 4 turnplates for fast 4-wheel adjustment
• Single-phase 240v Bluetooth unit can be supplied by domestic mains or a generator

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Your business opportunity is to visit members of the motor trade, homes, businesses and so much more to provide alignment services where no equipment exists!

Correct wheel alignment is a proven way to increase MPG, decrease tyre wear and is a contribution to road safety so the opportunities are huge. Workshops are seeing increased suspension repair business thanks to damage caused by the poor state of the nation’s roads – all of which requires re-alignment to restore the vehicle to roadworthy condition.

You can profit from this by offering mobile services to workshops of all sizes who do not want to invest in their own equipment, plus mobile check/correction services anywhere that drivers need you.

Absolute Alignment is rolling out new products to meet this new market, if you want to be in the forefront of this market then call us and book a demo or discuss your options with our technical team call us on 01252 758413
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