Jargon Buster

1. Excessive tyre wear

Take a look at the tyre above; the extreme wear on the inside edge has undoubtedly been caused by misalignment in the front suspension. With car tyres easily costing upwards of £150 each, it’s not difficult to see that regular wheel alignment maintenance could save you £££ in tyre replacement – or possibly a hefty fine and points on your licence should the Police see it first!

Far worse, this car is suffering reduced grip due to the wear and could be an accident waiting to happen. Don’t let it happen to you, find your local AAA Centre today.

The angle at which the car’s wheel sits compared to vertical when viewed from front or rear. Incorrect camber will cause uneven tyre wear and compromise safe handling.

The forward or rearward tilt of the steering axis. Caster damage caused by bad road surfaces gives inconsistent handling, increased tyre wear and may cause an accident.

The angle of the front wheels compared to the direction of travel. Unequal measurements can cause the car to wander or pull across the road plus cause uneven tyre wear.

2. Improved fuel consumption

No matter how friendly the staff are at your local filling station, we bet you’d like to see them less often!

If your car’s wheels are not correctly aligned they will be dragging across the surface of the road, and that drag will reduce your fuel economy. Eliminate the drag, improve your economy. With the average car driving around 12,000 miles per year no-one can afford to be deliberately wasting fuel.

Save yourself a tidy sum by having your car checked at your local AAA Centre.

3. Crisp and accurate handling

Your car was designed to pull straight and true with no effort required to keep it going in a straight line. With mis-aligned suspension you will probably have to correct the steering constantly, the car will feel unresponsive in corners and will wander or “tramline” when driving on a straight road.

You can keep yourself on the straight and narrow at your local AAA Centre

4. A regular safety check

Alongside the MoT, an alignment check is one of the few times that a mechanic actually has time to inspect vital components on the underside of your car. As part of the AAA Centre inspection a trained technician will look over the suspension and make sure there is no damage that could compromise safety or cause bigger bills if left to develop.

With damage from our potholed roads running to £millions, can you afford not to have a local alignment check straight away?

Ever wondered how it works?

Click on the graphic and all will become clear. The Absolute Alignment machinery’s measuring heads draw a virtual box around the wheels of your car using the accuracy of light. The dimensions of the box are transmitted via the latest Bluetooth technology to the base computer which then compares the data with the manufacturer-supplied information in the memory. The computer is then able to instruct the technician what measurements need to be adjusted to ensure perfect alignment within the manufacturer’s tolerances. The job is quick, simple and very accurate – and can save you ££££££s in running costs!

Stay Safe, Stay Legal, Save money – check out our Absolute Alignment Approved centres here.