How to profit from mobile alignment

Mobile wheel alignment is a growing opportunity for business, either as an add-on to existing garage work or as a stand-alone business for a mobile mechanic with less workshop space available.

Magic Midget ( is a supply and restoration company specialising in performance conversions for classic MG Midget cars. Magic Midget is known for its on-track competitiveness and so they turned to Absolute Alignment for advice and help.

Absolute Alignment have a wealth of experience with classic MGs and were able to send their local representative to the customer’s premises to perform the check.

Magic Midget’s race car ready for alignment

We arrived at 11:00am and the car was ready for us to drop onto our turnplates to start work.

It took just a few moments to fit the wheel clamps and measuring heads while the computer started up. For this job we used a standard laptop connected to the heads via Bluetooth which means no leads to plug in and the work area stays safe at all times.

Wheel alignment program is run via a standard laptop, utilising built-in database or bespoke settings

At Absolute Alignment we have our own “trick” settings for MG Midget performance which are stored in our laptop’s database and it was simplicity for Magic Midget’s technician to make adjustments as required. The clever software was able to produce a comprehensive report on:

• Rear axle straightness

• Rear axle location

• Body straightness

• Accuracy of accident repair by previous owner

35 minutes after arriving at Magic Midget’s workshop an electronic copy of the report had been produced for email to their offices that evening, and Absolute Alignment was packed away and ready to go to the next job.

Absolute Alignment does not specify a price, but would suggest that a mobile visit attracts a £15 call-out fee and a £40 price for the alignment check. This is potentially a highly profitable add-on to any garage and can be carried out from the back of a car if required.

Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to see the adjustments required from anywhere around the car

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