Why Is Four Wheel Alignment Important?

What is Four Wheel Alignment?

A car needs its four wheels pointing in the right direction – if they don’t it will suffer from excessive tyre wear, poor handling or the car will take its own route along the road. Many “alignment centres” only “do the tracking” – making sure the front wheels are parallel. Modern cars are capable of having all four wheels aligned, meaning greater safety and less tyre wear. A four wheel alignment check will also act as a “health check” for your car’s suspension, so it should be a regular part of your service schedule.

Many factors influence wheel alignment, from potholes in the road to general the wear and tear of components – don’t wait until it’s cost you a tyre or even worse, make sure your car’s alignment is checked regularly.

History of Four Wheel Alignment
In the earliest days of the car, it was only ever possible to adjust the front wheels – if the rear wheels were knocked out of line the suspension design (which hadn’t changed much since the days of the horse and cart) meant it was impossible to rectify the damage without major work.

The modern car is much more adjustable. It is also susceptible to damage and needs to be regularly checked to ensure optimum performance. Because the rear wheels can also be adjusted, a 4-wheel alignment machine is needed – see how our hi-tech equipment works here:

Check out how four wheel alignment works

The state of Britain’s roads means that damage can occur without you realising it – potholes, speed humps and kerbs could have been specifically designed to knock your wheel out of alignment! AA figures estimate that over 40% or vehicles on the road have suspension damage, which is why you must have regular checks to keep your vehicle in the best of health. To ensure peace of mind you need a wheel alignment centre with the latest equipment, a database with the OEM settings for tens of thousands of everyday cars, plus a commitment to service, quality and value. In short, you need an Absolute Alignment Approved “Treble A” Centre!

Only Absolute Alignment runs the prestigious AAA Centre scheme. If you need your vehicle checking and adjusting, trust it to someone who is trained and approved by us.


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