Stay Safe, Stay Legal and Save Money with Professional Wheel Alignment

If you want to Stay Safe, Stay Legal and Save Money then professional wheel alignment is a must.

Of course you CAN “do the tracking” yourself, with one of these nifty devices. It has the AA Seal of Approval so it must be good. Simply line this gauge up perfectly with the fore/aft line of the wheel centre (not as easy as it sounds). Roll the car forwards over the gauge. Read the deflection and repeat. Jack the car up and secure on axle stands. Make adjustments. Drop the car down, bounce the suspension, perform roll out and repeat. Repeat continuously until this wheel’s tracking is within parameters. Repeat for the other three wheels. Shouldn’t take much more than half a day’s work. Or so.


Go to an Absolute Alignment Approved centre who will check alignment of all four wheels in under two minutes. Any adjustments will be done for small cost by a professional technician who will also give your suspension a quick health check while you get on with your life.

Correct four wheel alignment is vital for road safety. Modern safety systems such as lane-change warnings and adaptive cruise control rely on it, and if you get it wrong you’re not only risking your own life but those of other road users too.

DIY or call the experts? I think they call that a “no brainer”.

If you’re a garage or workshop wanting to add wheel alignment to your business offering, then check out our range of wheel alignment equipment here.

An Absolute alignment Four Wheel Alignment Centre takes the strain out of DIY!

Do It Yourself or let a professional give your suspension a thorough health check?