Courts take dim view of alignment neglect

Suspension misalignment can be putting your clean driving licence at risk! Correct 4 wheel alignment will keep your tyres legal, prolong their life and give even wear for the best value for money.

Alarming new figures obtained from the Ministry of Justice reveal that on average, more than 170 motorists were convicted every week in 2012 for driving on defective tyres at magistrates’ courts in England and Wales.

Chris Dear of Absolute Alignment says:

“It’s amazing how many tyres can look perfectly legal over most of the tread, but excessive wear on the inner shoulder caused by misalignment can make them illegal and dangerous.”

In total, some 10,228 car owners found themselves in court simply because their tyres were in a dangerous or defective condition, with 8,919 successful prosecutions taking place.

“These latest figures are incredibly worrying and reflect the ongoing challenge that we have in terms of raising the awareness about the importance of driving on safe and legal tyres,” comments Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe.

TyreSafe has developed a quick and easy tyre tread depth check to help drivers see if their tyres are legal using a 20p coin. Drivers simply need to insert the coin into the main grooves of the tyre. If the outer band of the 20p is visible when inserted, then the tyre may not have sufficient depth and should be checked by a qualified specialist.

“The easy way to avoid premature tyre wear is to get your wheels aligned regularly,” continues Chris, “and not forget to check the very inside edges for excessive wear – re-alignment at an early stage can prevent a nasty fine or worse later on!”.

Source: Tyre Trade News