Wheel Alignment Extras

Wheel alignment stands

Wheel alignment stands from Absolute Alignment

£800 + VAT Wheel alignment stands turn any side- or 2-post lift into a wheel alignment bay, no matter how tight for space you are! The four stands make alignment checking and adjustment a doddle, and can be packed away…
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Wheel alignment head clamps

Absolute Alignment wheel alignment clamp on wheel

From £250 + VAT Your brilliant new Absolute Alignment Bluetooth 4-wheel aligner is useless without the devices to clamp the alignment heads to the wheels! All wheel alignment equipment is supplied as standard with the Standard 24″ wheel alignment head…
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Inspection Lane Kit

New from Absolute Alignment is the very latest Inspection Lane Kit. The kit has long rear slip plates and front turn plates that allow rolling runout to be performed. The kit can be retro fitted to either 4-post or scissor…
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