The Business Case

There is a good business case for wheel alignment equipment in your workshop –  have a look at this case study then check out our range of wheel alignment equipment here.

CASE STUDY – Can you afford NOT to have 4-wheel alignment in your workshop?

The figures shown here are based on actual results from a tyre dealer in Devon. They have operated a Bluetooth Pro wheel aligner together with a Benpak 4 wheel alignment lift and full tyre changing package for two years, all supplied by Absolute Alignment.

Average alignment jobs: 6 per day
4-Wheel alignment charge: £45
2-Wheel alignment charge: £30

Income per day: £180 – £270 from wheel alignment

Cost of wheel aligner: £6850 + VAT (Bluetooth Pro aligner supplied 2018)

Payback: within 2 months

Alignment check/adjustment jobs are sourced from both their own tyre customers and by offering wheel alignment services to garages and tyre dealers in the local area. Wheel alignment is now a positive income stream instead of an overhead and a potential loss of custom to a more switched-on workshop.


The message is clear – there is a good business case for wheel alignment equipment in YOUR workshop. If you already have a suitable scissor, 2- or 4-post lift you can be earning money very quickly indeed, or we can supply suitable ramps to fit your requirements. Four-wheel alignment is a fast way to big profits, and with the current state of the country’s roads you will have a ready pool of customers. Call the Technical Team on 01252 758413 to find out how Absolute Alignment can contribute to your bottom line.

Absolute Alignment is rolling out new products to meet this new market, if you want to take advantage then speak to the Technical Team to discuss your options or book a free demonstration. Call us on 01252 758413 or tell us what you want, click continue and book a demo >