The Business Case for Wheel Alignment Equipment

A £2.8 billion annual market – how wheel alignment can help your bottom line 

The business case for wheel alignment equipment

Can you afford to buy wheel alignment equipment? Can you afford NOT to is a better question! The business case for wheel alignment equipment is compelling:

Approximately 40% of cars on the road are carrying suspension damage that requires rectification (source: The AA, 2017).  With 30.9 million licenced cars, that’s over 12 million potential customers needing wheel alignment!

One Manchester-based garage reckons that nearly 90% of tyres replaced had been below the minimum tread level for some time which compromises safety and risks prosecution.

A major tyre manufacturer did a survey in a typical supermarket car park in a typical town and found that 8 out of 10 cars needed alignment.

The danger of our unmaintained roads

A report from 2015 highlights compensation claims for vehicle damage or personal injury rising at 20% per year. (Source: Asphalt Industry Alliance) More recently, reports that suspension problems due to potholes is costing UK motorists an estimated £2.8 billion per year. 

This danger is not going to go away. Even with unlimited budgets local authorities would take 12-14 years to clear the backlog of road maintenance. Ongoing road damage due to heavy traffic, poor weather conditions compounds the problem.

The ADAS effect

Official figures predict that the introduction of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) will save 2500 lives by 2030 and this translates to over 25,000 serious accidents prevented Europe-wide. Many of these complex warning systems rely on the rear thrust angle to operate correctly which makes correct vehical alignment even more important.

Absolute Alignment’s latest Bluetooth wheel aligners can seamlessly integrate with the hardware from many of the major ADAS sensor alignment specialists, saving money on extra equipment.  

Not just damage 

Even undamaged suspension needs regular maintenance, consider the following facts: 

  • A wheel that is just 2mm out of alignment is equivalent to dragging the tyre sideways for 24 feet per mile (source The Tire Business) 
  • Cars with incorrect wheel alignment can lose as much as 7% of fuel efficiency (source U.S. EPA) That could be £170 per year on an average 12,000 mile p.a. car 
  • 24% of MOT failures are due to tyre-related faults caused by suspension or steering problems. These require alignment after repair – that’s a market of over 2.7 million cars  

As we said, the business case for wheel alignment equipment is compelling. Enquire about our lease plan here.

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