Bluetooth Lite Wheel Aligner

From £5500 + VAT
Just £29.41 + VAT per week!

The Bluetooth Lite wheel aligner is Absolute Alignment’s entry level 6 sensor wheel aligner and our most cost effective wheel alignment equipment. We believe it to be the best value available anywhere, and it offers an entry into a profitable market for smaller workshops. Four wheel alignment is becoming more important as the state of our roads deteriorates, and with more cars on the road the second-hand market is growing – and cars are also lasting longer, meaning more worn bushes, ball ends or track rods. If you don’t offer wheel alignment already, you are missing a big increase to your bottom line!

The simple alignment program allows live measurement of front and rear toe, thrust angle, camber and caster on all 4 wheels. The Bluetooth Lite wheel aligner offers all the programs you will need but at a price that allows every workshop to get involved in 4-wheel alignment services. Our wheel alignment equipment is ideal for use on either 4-post or 2-post lifts.

The Bluetooth Lite Aligner comes fully equipped with:

• Front turn plates
• 24″ wheel clamps
• Steering wheel clamp
• Brake pedal clamp
• PC, monitor & colour printer
• Remote controlled heads
• Latest database
• Full on-site training
• Factory order – 4-6 weeks delivery

Watch the video to learn about the Bluetooth Lite wheel aligner and how it can work for you.

Wheel alignment is a growing market. To learn about how important wheel alignment can be check out our consumer site