Bluetooth Commercial Vehicle Aligner

£9995 + VAT
Just £51.25 + VAT per week! 

Our Bluetooth commercial vehicle wheel aligner is fully wireless using the latest technology. Designed for HGV and light commercial, Absolute Alignment supplies conversion kits to align your company car fleet too!

This 4-wheel aligner features NO RUN OUT truck wheel clamps saving 20 minutes per operation. Front heads have a double inclinometer feature that allows caster adjustment without turning the steering – a saving on time and effort when dealing with an HGV.

A direct contact charging and calibration system allows the whole wheel alignment package to be 100% cable free to help keep a safe workshop environment. Extra long front alignment heads allow for use on both commercial vehicles and passenger cars, special short rear heads and uprated cameras allow for longer trucks and trailers. The latest software copes with unlimited axles and benefits from a huge inbuilt database.

Lightweight long life measuring heads and a metal chassis ensure the Bluetiooth Truck can take the knocks and bumps of workshop life. Each head also has a remote control to allow you to run the full wheel alignment process from any corner of the vehicle or upgrade to the latest Aligner Connect system and run from your smartphone. Fast fitting, easily removable clamps attach the heads securely to each wheel without damaging either the rim or the tyre.

The Bluetooth commercial vehicle wheel aligner does not require a dedicated wheel alignment ramp and is fully mobile around the workshop allowing maximum flexibility in use.

This is a very popular machine with commercial dealers. Truck wheel alignment has never been so simple and cost effective, and your fleet of vans and company cars will benefit too.

Each machine supplied with:

•  Truck Pro wheel clamps
• Front turn plates
• Steering wheel clamp
• Brake pedal clamp
• PC, monitor & colour printer
• Latest database
• 12 month warranty & full on-site training

Absolute Alignment sells bluetooth Pro wheel alignment equipment

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