Bluetooth 3D Wheel Aligner – Now with Shoot & Go

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Just £51.25 + VAT per week!

The Bluetooth 3D Wheel Aligner is the latest OEM wheel aligner from Absolute Alignment. 3D wheel alignment technology has been around for 20 years or so now, and we have moved the goalposts by making a practical, fast and easy-to-use 3D wheel aligner – the 3D Pro. Towerless-technology makes this the 3D unit of choice – and it can be moved between ramps too.

Clever technology means this market leader totally eliminates “push and pull” of vehicle on the ramp, unlike many competitors. It’s also mobile friendly and can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet!

NEW FOR 2018 – Shoot & Go extension pack speeds up car recognition and reduces errors. Simply photograph the car with your tablet or type in the registration number manually, and our sophisticated system will do the rest. We have a huge international database of vehicles to draw on. Watch the video to see more.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what the American agent has to say about the Bluetooth 3D wheel aligner (with thanks to Atlas for the use of their cartoon!):

• Extremely fast operation
• Database contains over 10,000 vehicles
• Fitted with tyre-grabbing 3 point clamps to avoid run out compensation
• Automatic sensors (Patent Pending) with automatic positioning of the cameras
• Equipped with a second set of batteries for quick change
• No minimum distance required in front of the lift.
• Flexible working position – Runs from Laptop that can be positioned anywhere
• Can be used on any 4 posts / scissors lift, at any working height
• Automatic lift level compensation
• Can be used in more than one bay location
• Can run from battery power – continue working in case of power supply failure
• Measuring heads can be removed at any time.
• Pit version available on request.

Each aligner supplied with:

• Front turn plates
• Pro tyre-mount clamps eliminate roll-out
• Steering wheel clamp
• Brake pedal clamp
• PC, 21″ TFT monitor & colour printer
• Remote controlled heads
• Latest database
• 12 month warranty & full on-site training
• Factory order – 4-6 weeks delivery