Big Business Opportunities in Mobile Alignment

Absolute Alignment has spotted big business opportunities for vehicle technicians wanting to start their own niche business, or existing garages wishing to expand.

An Absolute Alignment Mobile Alignment Package consists of Rav TD1760 Bluetooth 4-wheel aligner and all the equipment required to undertake vehicle alignment without the need for a static ramp or lift. All you need to supply is a van or estate car, trolley jack and hand tools!

The Mobile Alignment Package takes alignment to where it is needed most! business ideas include regular trips to other workshops, race tracks or even drivers’ homes! Thanks to the quality of the UK’s roads, mis-aligned suspension is a real problem with huge effects on fuel economy and tyre wear. The savings made by the average motorist will soon pay for themselves, and the business opportunity is reay for entrepreneurial technicians.

Costing from just £7999 + VAT the Absolute Alignment Mobile Alignment Package can have you earning money from this untapped market in no time.

For more information ring Chris Dear on 07764 939313 to book your FREE demonstration.

The Absolute Alignment Mobile Alignment Package will be on display at Mechanex Sandown Park, 12 – 13 November.