AAA Centres

What is the AAA Centre Scheme?

Treble A (AAA) is the Absolute Alignment Approved Scheme. AAA ensures customers receive the best possible service and they drive away in confidence.


Our web site is dedicated to helping drivers understand the need for wheel alignment and where to find it.

All Absolute Alignment Approved Centres must have:

• Wheel alignment equipment supplied and installed by the factory-trained engineers at Absolute Alignment
• Absolute Alignment trained and certificated technicians
• Commitment to give full suspension safey check before starting any work
• Regular service and calibration checks in line with manufacturer and Absolute Alignment guidelines
• Commitment to service and quality
• All remedial work backed up with a branded print-out to show “before” and “after” settings

Absolute Alignment makes regular checks and training calls at its AAA centres to make sure you have the best advice and service. We regularly calibrate the wheel alignment equipment for the most accurate results. An AAA Centre scheme member has the best equipment and keeps it in tip top condition.

Look out for the AAA Banner, and STAY SAFE, STAY LEGAL, SAVE MONEY.

AAA Centre. Your promise of great value and even better service.

If you’re looking for 4-wheel alignment then make an Absolute Alignment Approved Centre your first call. We assure you quality, service and value from professional technicians. We have wheel alignment centres around the country.

Stay safe, stay legal, save money – use an Absolute Alignment Approved 4-wheel alignment centre to check the state of your car’s suspension. It could save your life.