Airless tyres – how will they affect your tyre shop?

The Airless Tyre will soon be here! Based on the Tweel which is already available from Michelin for ATVs such as mowers and loaders, the company reckons to roll it out for road cars by 2024. they’re working with GM to develop this unique concept which is thought to be enviro-friendly and cheaper to run.

The company reckons that the wheels can be re-treaded without compromising performance thanks to unique 3D printing of the tread pattern. This will represent a huge saving in scrap carcasses.

What will this mean for tyre shops? Well, there’s nothing that can be affected by poor maintenance (such as incorrect tyre pressures) swhich will promote longer tyre life. Eqally the punsture should be a thing of the past! However, poor wheel alignment WILL remain a major factor in tyre wear and will still represent a major source of business.

There’s never been a better time to invest in wheel alignment equipment, it will be the future of tyre shops UK-wide. Check out our range of wheel aligners here, and see the whole story of the new tyre-less wheel here.