Automotive industry best practice on ADAS sensor re-calibration after repair work doesn’t go far enough

We’ve been saying for some time that the re-calibration of ADAS sensors after even minor repair work will become a necessity, and now it’s been included in a Code of Practice issued by the Thatcham Research Group, a leading indostry standards body.

To quote from their latest release:

If ADAS sensors, or parts that are in proximity to ADAS sensors, are included in a repair specification, calibration post repair must be completed to confirm sensors are functioning to the vehicle manufacturers’ specified tolerances.

We don’t believe this goes far enough. We want the industry to add – ONLY CONDUCT CALIBRATION AFTER A FULL WHEEL ALIGNMENT HAS BEEN CARRIED OUT . To calibrate sensors without confirming correct wheel alignment will risk an error even if the sensor calibration is showing as “correct.”

This is an important addition to the code which we feel has not been highlighted enough. Four wheel alignment and ADAS sensor calibration should be carried out in tandem.

Get the full story from Thatcham Reserach here

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