ADAS and Wheel Alignment – your profitable future

ADAS is the buzz word of the moment – but what does it mean for the average wheel alignment workshop? 

Unique ADAS sensor alignment bar from Absolute Alignment

Quite simply – profits.

ADAS is here to stay. According to Euro NCAP the technology has already reduced rear-end collisions by 38%. By 2020 cars with ADAS sensors will make up 40% of vehicles on UK roads.

It is predicted that 2500 lives will be saved and 25000 serious accidents prevented by 2030 because of ADAS. To reach these figures accurate re-alignment of ADAS sensors after even a minor crunch or windscreen change is vital. The motor repair industry should be ready to play its part in this road safety revolution – and it will even improve the bottom line! 

It’s a growing market. Even small businesses can benefit from ADAS because the sensors rely on correct four wheel alignment, which is within the reach of any workshop. Here at Absolute Alignment we have a range of aligners that integrate with our ADAS equipment to put you in the driving seat because the new technology will become commonplace.

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