ADAS and Vehicle Alignment

ADAS and Vehicle Alignment is a whole new business opportunity for the 21st century.

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ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – the active controls built into cars, vans and trucks. They range from adaptive cruise control through snooze sensors and automatic parking systems. A fuller description is in this Wikipedia article. These systems take over the vehicle if the driver makes a mistake, and rely on accurate sensor caluibration.

These sensors can be misaligned by small repairs such as a minor crunch or a replacement windscreen. Absolute Alignment’s advanced technology can be expanded to give you a new profit centre. We are also developing a new Best Practice Procedure to guide you.

With the latest developments in vehicle technology, the old fashioned way of working will have to change. In future, when the customer asks you to “do the tracking” you need to know what ADAS it has before you start work. We supply a scanner to help you with this rather than “ask the customer”.  If you bring the car’s suspension back to manufacturer specification, what impact will that have on the sensors and radar systems? Consider the following scenarios:


• Customer has a new windscreen fitted, affecting the ACC sensor. But the windscreen company re-calibrates the sensors to the existing set up without checking wheel alignment, which is faulty – and when you re-align the car the sensors are now inaccurate. You will need to re-calibrate the ACC once again, but what if the customer won’t pay for it? Make sure you have them sign to say it’s their decision – and it’s going to take a special kind of waiver!

• Even if there were no discrepancies in the ACC, how can you sign off on full wheel alignment without knowing that you’ve checked the sensors? The potential liability is frightening.

ADAS and vehicle alignment – the opportunities

There is a huge business opportunity linking with windscreen companies, bodyshops and more to give an approved service. For instance, VW insist garages align a vehicle’s wheels BEFORE calibrating the sensors.

Absolute Alignment’s OEM-approved Bluetooth Pro system already carries the software that allows you to integrate with the sensors. We have a range of hardwarte available to integrate ADAS calibration with your wheel alignment equipment.

A campaign of public awareness of the importance of “alignment” in all of its widest forms is vital. The dangers and added costs of driving with poorly-aligned cars need to be highlighted. A regular 4-wheel alignment check is as important as an MOT test in saving money and promoting road safety.

We’re keen to encourage you to move into 4-wheel and full vehicle alignment and not just “do the tracking”. Comprehensive, certificated staff-training schemes from us will increase the skill level of your workshop technicians and give re-assurance to customers, just the kind of professionalism required to move the industry forwards.

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