Absolute Alignment Keeps the World’s Fastest Subaru on the Straight and Narrow!

Absolute Alignment has provided Subaru specialists TFS Racing with alignment and corner weight equipment to keep their race car on the straight and narrow as they gun for top honours on the drag strips this season.

Giving 800bhp and weighing in at just 800kg means 7-second quarter miles are on the cards for the car, and company principal Stewart Taylor is hoping to be crowned the “Fastest Subaru in the World”!

Stewart is using the economical Rav TD5060 aligner coupled with AA’s corner weight scales and alignment stands to make sure alignment and weight distribution on the car are perfect. When not in use on the race car, the equipment earns a solid living preparing customers’ cars to the same high standards.

Chris Dear, Technical Sales Manager of Absolute Alignment, says:

“We’re delighted to supply wheel alignment equipment to TFS Racing. Stewart’s standards are high, and by using the Rav systems he can give an excellent service in the minimum of space.”