– Absolute Alignment offers new integrated ADAS & wheel aligner solution for Bluetooth Lite, Bluetooth 3D and Bluetooth Pro machines

Launched last month at Automechanika in Frankfurt this latest ADAS sensor alignment tool, with a bespoke alignment bar, integrates directly with the software of its OEM-approved Bluetooth wheel aligners without the need for extra hardware.

Compatible with the Bluetooth 3D, Bluetooth Pro and Bluetooth Lite wheel aligners, Absolute Alignment’s technical team demonstrated the new ADAS sensor alignment tool as part of an innovative new trade show, New Technology & You Live, held at Coventry College (13 October).

Chris Dear, Absolute Alignment’s Technical Director, said, “This is an exciting addition to our range, as this new product makes the integration of OEM wheel aligners and ADAS sensor alignment equipment neater, faster and more efficient than many stand-alone systems. This can mean big profits for small workshops.”

For more information about the latest equipment and Bluetooth wheel aligners available from Absolute Alignment, check out the latest product news here.

Absolute Alignment is the only UK provider with a full range of Bluetooth wheel aligners suitable for cars and commercial vehicles fitted with the latest generation of ADAS.

Integrated ADAS & wheel aligner solution from Absolute Alignment

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