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2 minutes to Re-Align your Profits

Spare us just 2 minutes and we will boost your turnover and turbocharge your profits.
Caster and camber measurements in 90 seconds – full alignment check in 120. Can you afford NOT to be involved in this fast market?

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A wheel alignment check can be carried out in 90 seconds using the latest Bluetooth Pro wheel alignment equipment from Absolute Alignment. A massive 85-90% of vehicles tested will require additional adjustment, adding profits to YOUR bottom line!

Many workshops currently send this work out to someone else – the local body shop or tyre centre perhaps – but why? Consider the costs:

  • Financial cost – You only make a margin on the price of alignment work, not the full price
  • Staff cost – Time taken for your staff to drive to the equipment
  • Opportunity cost – “We don’t do the alignment, we take the cars to a specialist” – “I’ll go there myself then”
  • Quality cost – You trust your staff, do you know who is doing the work on your behalf?

Offer your customers a FREE alignment check and in 90 seconds you will have a new prospect for extra profits:

  • Most cars will require front wheel adjustment
  • Nearly 60% will require rear wheel adjustment
  • Alignment checks often show other problems – worn ball joints, suspension arms, shock absorbers etc

With a Bluetooth Pro aligner, you can show the customer what needs to be done on the screen, and they can take a branded print out away with them. The equipment is impressive – professional evidence of the work that needs to be done.

The work generated by just 5 free checks per day can generate an extra £1170 weekly, and will see payback on our best selling Bluetooth aligner in just 6 weeks – that’s £40,000 added to your bottom line in a year for just a fiver a day! The cheapest aligner will give payback with just ONE alignment adjustment a week – well within the reach of even the smallest workshop. Why send that money to your competitors?

With the ever-worsening state of our roads, NOW is the time to invest in a cast-iron certainty – wheels will always need aligning! Call Absolute Alignment on 08456 808213 for your FREE on-site demonstration, and start to earn money from four-wheel alignment!

Absolute Alignment is rolling out new products to meet this new market, if you want to be in the forefront of this market then call us and book a demo or discuss your options with our technical team call us on 01252 758413
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